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WELCOME! IF YOU'RE INTERESTED, PLEASE JOIN NOW! WELCOME to the Yahoo! Group MONARCHY IN BRITAIN Official Website, please feel free to explore here the wonders of the British Monarchy, and if you are interested or become interested, I welcome all new members, as of now, we do not require approval for joining, so grab the chance and join now!

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The Yahoo! Group Monarchy In Britain was founded by Paolo James Sta. Isabel on 15th May 2007 with the confidence that it can do its part in spreading the Mission-Vision of Monarchy In Britain to the world through the power of world wide web.

Paolo James Sta. Isabel was the one who also founded the Yahoo! Group British Monarchy which has the same sense and mission as Monarhy In Britain but unfortunately, for some unknown reasons, the past Yahoo! Account of Paolo James Sta. Isabel that was registered to that Yahoo! Group was deleted (or may be the password was cracked or stolen).  So a new era began, a mission to do better, now Monarchy In Britain is way more succesful than British Monarchy.  Why?  It has more members! And it also has a website (even though its just free web hosting).

So, if you're interested or suddenly became interested, you're more than welcome to join this Yahoo! Group and share with the mission of spreading the Monarchy In Britain Mission-Vission to the world via the world wide web.

Our Vission:
That every one in the world will realize the goodness that the British Monarchy and not just the British ones, but other monarchies have contributed to our society.

Our Mission:
For everyone to be aware of the British Monarchy and to utilize their knowledge about it for the their own personal, intellectual, physical and mental growth and for them to contribute goodness to our society.

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Comment posted by Tutati Beach Resort Management( tutatibeachresortyahoo.com ), 04/25/2008 at 8:07am (UTC):
Monarchy In Britain I think is the best ever Yahoo! Group I've seen about the British Monarchy. I hope that it gains a lot of members

Comment posted by Ms. Tutati P. Arguelles( tutatiarguellesyahoo.com ), 02/21/2008 at 11:23am (UTC):
Monarchy In Britain is the best Yahoo! Group about the British Monarchy I have ever seen. It is absolutely great! Please, like me, join now!!!

Comment posted by:02/20/2008 at 1:55pm (UTC)

This page is so great and the Yahoo! Group Monarchy In Britain is the best Yahoo! Group ever!

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